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The Money to Roll In.

I discovered this morning that I am not simply overtired- I am SICK. My throat has a ginormous lump in it which was hurting so bad my NECK was sore too, and my glands are really swollen. The headache and the whole-body aches have subsided, fortunately. Hopefully the doctor's office will call me back soon. Until then, all I really need is bedrest.

Want to know how you can be a total doll? If you come to Titsworth 24 with any of the following:

Water bottles
Hot tea (preferrably peppermint or chamomile)
Toast with butter

I swear I will love you forever and be in your debt. I will even take care of you when you are sick (and it's going around, so believe me, you WILL get sick). Thank you so much, pretty friends.
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