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Just like old times.

Matt and I are highly disturbed by the recent murder- or should I say assassination- of Theo Van Gogh. We are highly, highly disturbed. An artist who is politically and socially conscious is valuable; an artist who devotes his career to speaking for those who are under-represented or disenfranchised is absolutely invaluable. It takes a very special kind of person to commit themselves that fully to humanitarian causes; I certainly don't know if I have that kind of courage. I'd like to build up to it. The idea that an artist could be so brutally murdered simply for portraying atrocities with compassion is terrifying, and the idea that even the most benign sympathies could be construed as dangerous by the most extreme right factions in the world (I'm thinking about Todd Solondz' upcoming Palindromes) is even more terrifying. Being an artist is even more risky than being a politician.

I like that Matt and I can do wholesome things like take long walks and watch the leaves and get ice cream but there is something so intense underneath that which allows us to discuss things like the one cited above. Sometimes I feel like I'm still at Sarah Lawrence, but it's actually the 1940's.
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