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I actually have one nice platonic male friend. But he's not here this year. But he's still my nice platonic friend.

Nice friend: i was just thinking about you the other day, actually
Nice friend: and brought you up to chris
Nice friend: in terms of folks we'd like to see back at slc
Nice friend: he agreed readily
Nice friend: if for no other reason
Nice friend: than to see how you looked
Nice friend: as you got progressively hotter over the course of our college career
Lucy: awwww
Nice friend: he wanted to see how that was going for you
Nice friend: and i had to agree
Lucy: "how that was going for you"
Nice friend: lol
Nice friend: yeah, well you know
Lucy: like I was ugly for a while and then I tried being hot and it worked out so I kept it up
Nice friend: lol
Nice friend: no
Nice friend: like you were cute
Nice friend: a solid 7 when you got there
Nice friend: then worked up to an 8
Nice friend: and were pushing 8 1/2 when we last saw you
Nice friend: but getting hotter in a more womanly way
Nice friend: no longer cute
Nice friend: becoming a beautiful woman
Nice friend: college treated you well
Lucy: awwww.... that's so nice of you to say so
Nice friend: not any of that lame ass blooming stuff
Nice friend: you were already in full bloom
Nice friend: if you know what i mean
Nice friend: but like
Nice friend: in terms of confidence and presentation
Nice friend: you were becoming more complete
Nice friend: and we both cared about you
Nice friend: and were happy to see it happening
Nice friend: and happy to see your fine fine ass. hahaha.(gotta turn it around at the end there)
Lucy: I saw that coming, but I didn't want to spoil it
Nice friend: well thank you
Nice friend: i gotta get my kicks somewhere

Our first year he said that I reminded him of his sister. I wish he was here so then he could see how I look and he could meet Matt (who he would totally approve of) and he could say, "Wow, you've actually done several things right this time. I'm very proud of you."
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