Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag (tableau_vivant) wrote,
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Not in a gay way.

I am so bored with everything.

I am so glad that break is coming tomorrow.

I'm bored with my work.
I'm bored with this campus.
I'm bored with the entertainment options available to me right now.
I'm bored with my clothes and my room and my stuff.
I'm even bored with Livejournal, which is why I haven't touched it in several millenia.

All I want to do this week is curl up and lie around and eat nice homecooked food and go to the park with Matt and learn to knit. I seriously want to learn to knit this week, and I seriously think I'm going to. It's preferable to choosing a conference paper topic. Thank god for year-long classes.

This is Boring Ground Control signing off.
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