Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag (tableau_vivant) wrote,
Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag

Part DEUX!

How am I NOT stupid? Let me count the ways:

i. I am not the only person awake at this hour. Bronwen was up all night too, and she came to my room and told me a fabulous story of danger and mayhem and escape.

ii. We looked at The Facebook together and she made me feel better by saying that the beautiful girls who made fun of me look like white trash and probably had nose-and-boob-jobs. And on closer inspection, they kind of do.

iii. It's light out! Record all-nighter!

iv. One's period arrived, only a day late, and the delay was most probably due to stress. One can stop thinking of names and knitting baby booties now.
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