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I Want to Have a Baby.

Me: we're all dorkuses
Me: and when we're walking together wheeling our babies and not complaining, we'll all laugh at what dorkuses we are
Stephanie: hehe...we should wheel our babies around together...that would be cute
Me: we've already decided what kind of old ladies we'd be... what kind of young moms would we be?
Stephanie: hmm
Me: Bronwen's babies would be wrapped in sarongs
Stephanie: hehe, totally...she'd be a total hippy mom
Me: her toddlers would have dreads
Me: and none of their clothes would match
Stephanie: you will totally bring your babies to art museums and avant garde films and theatre and play lots of Tom Waits and Nick Cave for them
Me: totally
Stephanie: and their clothes will always match
Stephanie: hehe
Me: they'll be dressed like little dolls all the time
Stephanie: that's just what i was about to say
Stephanie: hehe
Me: and they'll toddle around the house singing "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon"
Stepanie: hahahaha, that will be awesome
Stephanie: you'll have to video record it and send me a copy
Me: you'll have to be there to witness it
Stephanie: oh totally
Me: because my kids and Bronwen's kids will always harass your kids
Me: hehe
Stephanie: hahaha
Stephanie: my poor kids
Me: but they'll be cute, though... they'll look like fairies
Stephanie: hehe, yeah...i'll be a hipster mom and we'll get our clothes from thrift stores and my house will be covered in there "art work", cause i'll totally be one of those moms that lets them color on the walls
Me: yes
Me: and they'll eat carob-chip cookies
Stephanie: hehe....they'll bring tofu to school for lunch
Me: and they'll talk like Marzipan
Stephanie: hahahaha
Me: and you'll have The Smiths buttons on your Snugli-bag
Stephanie: oh totally
Stephanie: we're gonna be the coolest moms ever
Me: we are... and our kids will totally put on shows together
Stephanie: totally
Me: Bronwen's kids will play the toy piano and the recorder, and our kids will flail around and recite slam poetry to it
Stephanie: awesome
Stephanie: i can't wait!
Stephanie: hehe
Me: me neither!
Me: I want to go off the pill now!
Stephanie: haha....not yet, lucy
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