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I Couldn't Sing in that Chorus, Until I Wrote My Own Song

(I Wrote My Song, and Joined the Throng)

Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag
10 March
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"This little cupcake would grow up to be the imperial princess."
adventures, aleister crowley, alfred hitchcock, all kinds of lipstick, alphonse mucha, altered perception, anachronisms, astrology, ayurveda, bauhaus, being seen, bertolt brecht, björk and her species, bombshells, bubble baths, candles, captain beefheart, carl jung, childlike giggling, christopher guest, clare boothe luce, cocteau and his twins, comfort, coming to a crisis, cynicism, d&g light blue, dante rossetti, david cronenberg, david lynch, daydreaming, disappearance, djuna barnes, doppelgangers, doubtful guests, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, eugène delacroix, every hat imaginable, feng shui, flamenco, flannery o'connor, fleetwood mac, flowers, folk songs, freeway, friezes, funky dances, fyodor dostoyevsky, gang of four, garter stockings, glam rock, gothic things, hair-brushing, hamlet and the bible, heavenly creatures, helping, hieronymous bosch, holy anorexia, hpb, ice queens, intensifying the love-play, jazz age wit, jethro kloss, john waters, kung fu, laurie anderson, lene lovich, leonard cohen, magick, making words sound dirty, marat/sade, margaret cho, marianne faithfull, massive attack, meredith monk, moondog, morphine the band, muppets, mystery, mythology, new rooms, nicholas poussin, nick cave, night-dreaming, not wearing makeup, octavia e. butler, overcast days, pan-elvis, pascale aubier, pear-scented things, peep-show booths, permeable skin, peter brook, peter jackson, pink slips and bras, playing pretend, pom wonderful, pre-raphaelites, private parties, public tantrums, relics, robert crumb, robert wilson, rocky horror, roman polanski, saints and other malingerers, sandalwood oil, scalpel-tongues, secret fortresses, serial killers, shameless mockery, shoe-mules, sirens that purr, smirking, soft spots, staying incognito, strange intimacy, talking for hours, tangos, tapestries, teddies (not bears), the birthday party, the damned, the number seven, the poor man's nirvana, the story of psyche, the transformation of persephone, the velvet goldmine, theosophy, tim burton, time rocker, tom waits, transit, triptychs, trogdor the burninator, true crime, undines, upward mobility, vegetarian santeria, victorian fragility, vintage lingerie, vision quests, vodka redbulls, wearing makeup, wes anderson, william bouguereau, women singers, woodcuts, woyzeck, yoga