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After the Everything.

I am becoming very zen about everything.

Of course, I am horrified and terrified and apprehensive about the concession. I too think that the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse has arrived. I have just patted my uterus good-bye, just in case. However, I'm even more disturbed by the zombie-like gloom that has settled over Scary Larry. From what I've been reading, and the brief outside world time I've had since the news, it seems like the rest of the world is suffering from a similar gloom. And it's draining. Blake and I decided that it's like when a close relative that you don't really see often enough suddenly dies, and you're sad, but not sad enough to shut yourself off from everyone and really cry about it. It's so wearing.

But it's also so not worth it. As John Kerry said yesterday, as Margaret Cho said, as the MoveOn team said, this is only a reason for everyone to continue their fight. If both coasts sink into utter apathy, that's exactly what the new administration wants. Regardless of whether or not we have a Republican/conservative majority in the country, it's still the country of those who don't share those views, and it is not doing anyone any good if everyone with minority views acts like there's no hope. We can't stop asserting our concerns; we just have to assert them a little harder now.

Ed Baker said yesterday in class that no president in recent history who ever served a second term has ever had an easy time. Nixon imploded; Reagan imploded. If anything, this result is a relief because it signals the beginning of the end. And the end will come much, much sooner, because it already cannot become more glaringly obvious how much the administration has failed, so for it to become any more obvious would really be the sign of major, major changes. And the people in Middle America who are being the hardest hit by all of the president's recent decisions but have been brainwashed into thinking that he is acting in their interests because he is the "working man's president" will be mightily upset, but they will have to act.

I really, honestly believe that the country has the potential for great change. It will take a long time, I'm sure; but if other nations can pull themselves out of dictatorships and create a semblance of democracy and restore the most basic human rights to their citizens, I certainly think that we can. But we cannot feel totally defeated for that to happen. Nor can the two coasts secede, nor can we all go to Canada. We just have to act a lot harder. I certainly feel like I have to.

But right now, we just have to keep going. We have to start planning ahead. I have to clean my room in a huge way. It's the only way that I will not just curl up and be terrified.

This vanilla maple tea tastes like hot water with a shaving of yam in it.
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