Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag (tableau_vivant) wrote,
Fifteen Pounds of Fuck-Puppy in a Ten-Pound Bag

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Boys with bony hips and skinny muscles and large teeth.

I have been sitting at my computer with Writer's Gym material all day long. All day long.

I have been working so hard that I am literally starting to panic because I don't want to receive the telegram that my fiancé got blown up somewhere in Vichy. I have lost weight and I don't sleep. If he dies, I will kill myself. If he comes back, I will marry him immediately and when we make love we will hold each other's hands and stare into each other's eyes and not separate for hours after we have finished. We will sleep that way and we will never be away from each other ever again.

I am crazy like whoa.
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